French Companies Real Estate

Real estate ownership from (Nov. 2021), Geocoded data from, UBO data from Enter name of country, person, company, siren number, street, city, etc… Click on the number in the results to see the full record. Click on the person or company name to see all the records for this person/company. You can also do partial searches with the * joker. Example: @Nom_Patronymique *ov @realestates yes | @parcels yes returns the people having family names ending at OV, who are linked to companies who owns premisses or land plots in France. The Geotag search locates the land plots, but not the real estate like flats. A list of persons of interest with questionable wealth has been established by investigative journalists team and can be seen here.


Financial support for this project is provided by Transborder Corruption Archives and OCCRP

Investigations using this database:


OCCRP and partners:

Russian Asset Tracker

The Luxury French Real Estate of Alleged Latin American Money Launderers and Officials Accused of Corruption


Сен-Жан-Кап-Ферра наш. Как видные россияне заселили один из самых роскошных курортов мира на Лазурном берегу Франции




Топлофикация – Франция: Как шефка на “топлото” в Перник даде 6.5 милиона заем на тъста на Ковачки за вила на Лазурния бряг

Бившият шеф на енергетиката Милко Ковачев с имот в Биариц

Howto: Find the real estate owned by a French company

  1. Do a search by person or UBO or company and locate the persons tagged with Land plots or Premisses.  The search operator @realestates yes | @parcels yes in the Persons search will limit the search to those having a land plot or premisses.
  2. Click on @Geotag to locate the land plots on the map. Detailed cadastral information is available in @Locaux/Premises  or @Parcelles/Land Plots.
  3. Locate the Department (two digits) the Place, the two letters Section and the four digits Parcel N°. Exemple: AA 0011. This information is also available in the Parcel Code in Geotag. The first 5 digits of the Parcel Code are the post code and the last letters/digits are the Section and Parcel N° (ex: 302580000D0143 means post code 30258 ST GILLES CAVALES and last 5 symbols are the Section D and the parcel N° 143).
  4. Go to, Select English and click on “Search by cadastral reference instead”.
  5. Fill the place, the post code, select the department number from the drop down menu, fill the Section and the Parcel N° with the three last digits only. Click on Search
  6. If there is a result the system will give a link to show the parcel on the map. You can zoom on the map and match it with Google Maps.